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During this time of shutdown we have FREE online Watercolor Classes taught by Colleen 

One of the ways we can find our center and relax is to paint. This is why I am offering these classes to you.

They are beginner watercolor classes, so you can easily do them if you have never painted before.

Children can also do these classes, so you can let this be part of their art lessons at home.

You can go to my YouTube Channel to access all the classes any time by clicking on the button below.

Mindful Moon


How would you feel if you were the moon and could watch every season from the sky? 


Mindful Moon takes us on a journey of living in the present moment through all the seasons of the year. 

Mindful Moon is down-to-earth, warm, and encouraging, the story is based in the science of mindfulness by experiencing a world with gratitude, and inner peace. It is vitally important to grow strengths inside such as compassion and gratitude, there is a sense of personal fullness and balance within. Mindfulness is a kind of mental muscle that can be strengthened by taking daily reflection to notice the beauty of our world around us. Mindful Moon can be used to show children how to live in the here and now, and that every moment is a chance to embrace the beauty around us.

2019 Bronze Medal Winner

Best Illustrator

Mindful Moon Card Deck


Worry Bee


When Worry Bee has worries, breathing techniques help calm the mind and body and reassure that all is well. This book offers practical tools to be used by children who experience fear or are overwhelmed by their feelings. The breathing skills are demonstrated through fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations supporting the idea that feeling peaceful can happen anywhere, anytime.


Worry Bee came as a result of Ann’s experiences with children and anxiety. It is written primarily for preschoolers and elementary school age children, an overlooked population when it comes to stress. Ann has personally seen breath-work bring positive change to children’s emotional wellbeing and behavior. She is confident that with repeated readings of Worry Bee and use of its breathing strategies, you will see a difference in your child.


Colleen's illustrations have brought to life Ann's story to capture the attention of all children and bring peace to their hearts.

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